Testimonials & Letters of Thanks

  • Dr. Brown and Staff at Hickory, Thank you for honoring Rayne.  His bravery and courage represented his breed.  Your gift of flowers reinforced his fourteen years of life.  We are all fortunate to have Hickory for very important members of our family.  

    Joan Baldwin
  • Staff of Hickory Vet, Thank you to each and every one of the staff members at Hickory. Your care and assistance during these last few months of Callie’s life meant more than you can know. Whether you work at the reception desk, to the lab, to the administrative office or somewhere in between we say thank you!

    Callie’s Family
  • Dear Dr. Brown - Jim and I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful red you sent us in remembrance of Riley! It means the world to us and it is so sweet of you! When Jo, at Country flower called to tell me she had a delivery for us, I couldn’t begin to think who would be doing so. It really took our breath away! and needless to say, the tears started again. As you can imagine, we are heartbroken.   Riley was the smartest, most human like dog we have ever had. He and Jim did water work, obedience, agility and played ball every day of Riley’s 13 1/2 years. Riley sure lived life to the fullest when it came to playing ball. Is it any wonder his hind quarters had so much arthritis. And please thank your staff… they all were so helpful, so caring and so sympathetic. It was a horrible 24 hours but they truly helped alleviate some of the pain. We know Riley is up there still playing ball. He lives with us in spirit. Our love to you and many, many thanks

    Jim and Phyllis
  • Dear Dr. Eisenstein and Staff - Than you very much for the flowers, card and kind thoughts. Most of all for taking such good care of Zoey. She is truly missed everyday! Much Appreciation!

  • Dear Dr. Brown - Thank you so much for your kind note about Zeke and also for the lovely flowers that Hickory sent. We are very thankful for the kind care you and everyone at Hickory showed to Zeke and to us. I’m only sorry that you did not get to see Zeke at his usual healthy, full of life and joyful self and we are comforted by the thought that he was shown such careful care at the end.

    Rick and Barbara
  • Dear Hickory Doctors and Staff - I want to express my appreciation for the care and love you gave my Saba over 14 years. You are truly an exceptional veterinary Hospital. You all became my family over the years. Sabra loved you too! Thank you ever so much again. Hope to see you soon again when I decide to get another dog.

    Paula, Jamel and Jason
  • Dear Nancy, Dr. Brown - We want to thank you and your staff for being so kind and compassionate during our recent experience with Sophie. Dr. Slavick could not have been nicer and so kind to Sophie, talking to her as she drifted away. Your staff gave us so much time, time needed to say our goodbyes. Your explanations and honesty was so appreciated as well.

    Barb and Fred
  • Dear Dr. Brown - Ed and I and Rudy would like to thank you for helping us out with Rudy’s surgery. Your advice in meeting you in the lobby was priceless, we can’t tell you how much we appreciate everything. We followed your advice to rest and not be outside unless going to the bathroom. Rudy seems soooo…like himself. Before surgery, he seemed sad and I guess that was pain. He is now giving us kisses and tail wagging. You are the best. Again, Thank you so much.

    Donna, Ed and Rudy
  • To all the people at Hickory, including the folks behind the scene, for the wonderful work you do. For all your efforts to help the doctors do the best they can for their patients.   Thank you so much for the great care you gave to Louie the beagle.

  • Thank you so much for all the help, concern and understanding that you’ve given to Oliver and me. You all have a way of making things seem better no matter what is happening- For that, I am very grateful-Your dedication to your job is very apparent. Thank you again

    Egbert and Oliver
  • Dear Brown and staff - Thank you so much for taking such good care of Louis. We know he received lots of love during his stay. The staff are excellent! Dr. Brown, we are grateful to you for working with us on cost.

    The Singers
  • Dr. Dobbins, Dr. Eisenstein, Dr. DelGiudice and Staff - Thank you all for your care and compassion all year long- you guys rock!

    The Essners
  • Dr. Brown - I wanted to express my gratitude for your kind note. Please know that your entire staff were wonderful and especially, Dr. Celano. She was absolutely wonderful, I am so appreciative.

    The Cobb Family
  • As Thanksgiving approaches, we are reminded of how thankful we are for the wonderful care you and everyone at hickory have to our dog Zeke last summer.  We wanted you to know that Zeke has fully recovered, and is full of life and energy. Thank you again for the kindness you and all your staff showed to Zeke and his very worried owners during Zele’s extended stay at Hickory.

    Barbara and Rick A.
  • Thank you very much for the exceptional service provided to my dog, Betsy, while she was there.  It was a very scary time for me since she was so sick and I love her so dearly.  She was treated by Dr. Vogler, Dr. Boucek, and Dr. McCaffrey.  I couldn’t have asked for more considerate and caring doctors.  The tech who handled Betsy was Lindsay.  She was who made me feel that Betsy was truly loved and given more than just the medical attention she needed.  The ladies at the front desk were also wonderful.  They made me feel sane and reasonable when I was so upset the three times I was in the office.  THANK YOU! And Betsy is doing very well.

    Amanda S.
  • Our whole family would like to thank you for your extreme generosity, concern, and caring that you have shown to Maggie over the last four months.  It has certainly been a long road for her but with the care that she has received from you, Dr. Dobbins, Dr. McGrath and your wonderful technicians, she is well on her way to enjoying, we believe, several more years of life.  Please know that we are very grateful for your compassion, your kindness and your determination to get Maggie back on her feet and healthy again.

    Mary and Fran M.
  • Dear Dr. Brown, My name is Jessica Leone, and my cat Papoose was a patient at Hickory from June 16thto June 22nd. I wanted to take just a few minutes of your time to tell you about my experience at your facility. I brought Papoose in for an emergency visit on 6/16, and eventually he was hospitalized on 6/18 with pneumonia. The compassion your staff showed for Papoose and I was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced at any medical facility. Regardless of how busy the hospital was, they provided thorough examinations, and took their time to explain his treatment clearly and answer all of my questions (and I had a lot) thoroughly and patiently.  I was told that he had to stay at the hospital, and they weren’t sure when he’d be able to go home.  To say that I was a mess is an understatement. I got Papoose as a foster kitten at the SPCA when he was only 4 weeks old and have not spent a day without him since. We are extremely dependant upon one another’ The staff went above and beyond to put me at ease about leaving him there. They assured me that I could call to check on him and visit whenever I wanted. In addition, the doctors consistently called me with test results and updates on his progress. I called every morning to see how he was doing, and although all of my phone calls were probably annoying, the receptionists were extremely friendly and patient with me. If the doctors were busy, I never had to wait longer than an hour for them to call me back.  I visited Papoose after work every day, and I felt like the whole staff knew me by name and who my cat was, and everyone was aware of how he was doing. Everyone involved seemed fully invested in his care and recovery. They let me stay with him as long as I wanted to; I never felt rushed. They listened to every one of my concerns. I had mentioned that I was concerned about him being in a room full of dogs because he is very scared of them, and the next day when I came back, there were notes all over his cage that said “Keep dogs away from me, per my owner, I am very scared of theml” It’s that kind of care and attention to detail, along with the staff’s insurmountable compassion, that allowed me to function during the day and sleep at night, knowing that he was in great hands.  As I type this letter, Papoose is laying on my lap and purring, and is on his way to making a full recovery, and it is all thanks to your extraordinary staff. They saved my cat’s life, and I am forever grateful for it. Please let your whole staff know how appreciative I am, ESPECIALLY Dr. Bleier, Katie (vet tech), Sharon and Jessica (receptionists). I have always been much more of an animal person than a people person, but my experience at Hickory gave me a lot more faith in the human race!   THANK YOU.

    Jessica L. and Papoose

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