Pet of the Month: Sam

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Sam had a medical history of IBD and a previous history of urinary calcium oxalate crystals with previous surgery in 2017. He presented to the emergency service in September 2019 for straining to urinate although he was still producing urine at home. Sam was getting a urinary diet at home but not a prescription urinary diet. Radiographs revealed calculi in the urethra. Seven small calculi were lavage into the bladder. Sam was catheterized and the urethral calculi was flushed into the bladder. Cystotomy (surgery to remove bladder stones) was then performed.Sam received pain medication, antibiotics and prescription urinary diet (CD) while in the hospital. The bladder stones were sent for analysis. A piece of his bladder wall was sent to the lab for culture. Sam recovered well from surgery. He was discharged from the hospital 2 days after his surgery with antibiotics, pain medications and a medication to relax his bladder. It was recommended that Sam be given strictly a prescription urinary diet such as Hill’s CD or Royal Canin SO at home as these urinary issues tend to recur.


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