Pet of the month: Snowball

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Meet our January 2019 Pet of the Month Snowball. Snowball is a 5-month-old intact, male Pug who presented in early January after his owners heard him yelp and he appeared to be in pain.  They took him straight to Hickory Veterinary Hospital where Dr. Manneschmidt examined him and noticed that he did not want to put any weight on his right front leg.  Due to the swelling and pain at his elbow, she suspected he had broken his leg, Snowball was given pain medication and x-rays were taken.  The x-rays showed that Snowball had broken his humerus in what is called a Salter Harris fracture.

A Salter Harris fracture is a specific type of break in the bone that extends through growth plates, the area where bone grows from.  These type of fractures can be a big problem in young, growing puppies.  If not repaired correctly a fracture of this type can cause abnormal growth in the fractured bone – causing severe orthopedic problems later in life.

Dr. Dobbins was able to repair Snowball’s fracture using a pin and two wires to hold the broken pieces together so that the bone would heal correctly.  Snowball felt much better after the surgery, he immediately was putting weight on his leg and eager to be held by everyone.  He will have to be on strict crate rest while his leg heals but he is happy to be carried around by his owners!

Initial fracture