House Calls

Hickory Veterinary Hospital is pleased to offer a House Call service to our clients.

If one or more of the following apply, you may benefit from this service.
•    Multiple pets
•    A timid pet
•    Dogs or cats that suffer from car sickness
•    A busy schedule
•    Lack of transportation
•    In home euthanasia

House Calls and Pet Pick-Up service are available by appointment only during most business hours.

Call 610-828-3054 to schedule your appointment!

Visit fees will be determined based upon the following:
•    Within 5-mile radius
•    5 to 10-mile radius
•    10 to 15-mile radius

Additional Charges for:
•    Exam, vaccinations, lab tests, medications, etc.


Debra Eisenstein, VMD, Ph.D

Joanna Cronquist, DVM

Tiffany Kay, VMD

Andrew Osborn, DVM

Allison Clemens, DVM

Bridgette Alam, DVM


Three Generations of Helping and Healing

Hickory Veterinary Hospital was founded in 1956 as a team of professionals committed to excellence in animal care. Our continued goal is to deliver the highest quality of veterinary medicine to our patients.