Welcome to Our Hickory Pet Inn

Valued clients,


Social distancing practices are a part of the ‘new normal’ in Montgomery County and across the United States. We believe these must be maintained diligently by owners and our staff. We at Hickory are committed to minimizing this risk of disease transmission as much as possible through routine hand washing, the use of face masks, social distancing from owners and staff members, and limiting access to the our building and facilities for essential personnel only. Most importantly, anyone (owners or staff) who has been feeling ill, has a fever, or has had possible recent exposure to COVID should not bring their pets to HPI unless it is absolutely essential, ie they require someone to care for their pet, as they are unable to do so.

Transmission of diseases, including COVID, can be through inanimate objects (‘fomites’) or on the surface of animals on humans. The risk of animal to animal transmission is considered to be low, especially among dogs. Soap can be used to bathe animals and keep them clean regularly, but we cannot logistically bath every pet as they enter or leave the building. Disinfecting wipes will not be used on animals for obvious reasons, and the efficacy of things like baby wipes or waterless shampoo to kill virus is unproven and likely inadequate.

Our reopening is not expected to be business as usual. Predominantly we aim to service owners who are returning back to work who need pet care; people who are leaving home for extended periods of time for essential reasons; or pets who are matted and itchy and need to be bathed and groomed as a point of care for their general comfort and well being. Additionally, environmental enrichment of dogs who have been quarantined with the rest of us is important. Exercise and maintaining healthy body weight in pets are still key aspects of animal health. Some dogs are more ‘stir crazy’ or high energy than others and would benefit more from ‘play care’ at this time.

We encourage all members of the community to use their best judgement when considering their pet’s needs to ensure that everyone remains as safe as possible. If you have any questions, we are happy to help. Please don’t hesitate to call us at 610-825-8895.


Stay safe!


Hickory management