Dog Play Care

Hickory Pet Inn offers an excellent way to get your pup used to spending time away from you by having a fun-filled day of exercise and socializing! If you have been working from home and plan to return to your workplace in the future, Playcare is the perfect way to ease your pet into the change. Separation anxiety can occur at any age, but by gradually increasing your pet’s time at Playcare they can get used to the separation. We offer a variety of packages that allow you to drop off and pick up around your schedule, and even do so without calling to schedule.

Along with preventing separation anxiety, Playcare gives your dog the chance to play with other dogs, get great exercise, and get a great mental release in a healthy and safe way.  If your dog does not get along with other dogs, our pet-loving staff will play with them and make sure they get out of their kennel for fun and exercise.  We have an Astroturf backyard for prime outdoor play where your pet will be closely supervised to ensure their safety and that of the other pets.  As an added safety measure, all dogs have to be evaluated by our talented staff to make sure their temperament is a good fit for Playcare, and required vaccinations must be current.

Going back to a normal schedule during these times can be hard so to help capitalize on convenience for our clients we have decided to change our pricing structure at Hickory Pet Inn with major savings and new playcare subscription packages! We are now offering our clients the ability to pay for a full monthly subscription with the potential to bring your pet on whichever days you wish without having to book a reservation. This subscription gets you a set amount of days per week for your dog to join us in a full day of fun and automatically renews monthly. One less thing to think about during your already busy day! Our playcare services are even open Monday through Friday for a full week of fun! Pick them up after work knowing your dog has had the time of their lives playing with friends instead of cooped up at home. We’ve got you covered!

Get started with your pups FREE playcare evaluation.

Your dog will have a great time with friends.

PlayCare Prices Per Month

ONCE WEEKLY $114.00 5% $120.00
TWICE WEEKLY $216.00 10% $240.00
THREE TIMES WEEKLY $306.00 15% $360.00
UNLIMITED $480.00 20% $600.00

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